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Understanding subscriber BEHAVIOR and MAXIMIZING retention

The iflix Happy Hour

Come play with us, lah!

iflix could reach out to 30-40 subscribers each month and extend an invitation to a casual Happy Hour that it hosts. Half of these subscribers could be iflix's top users and the other half could be new users who've just started using iflix. The goal is to get to know the subscribers and understand their likes and dislikes with respect to the product. It is also a great way for iflix's subscribers to get to know iflix and its mission better! 

The iflix Bookmark

The iflix Bookmark is an add-on that allows each subscriber to keep track of shows he/she is watching. I've definitely spent more than 10 minutes scanning random episodes of Game of Thrones each time I stop watching an episode midway. With a bookmark feature, this can easily be prevented! The bookmark can automatically be activated, i.e., turn red, when a subscriber leaves a show midway. If he or she is not too keen on having it bookmarked, he/she can just tap on the bookmark button and it will go back to being not bookmarked, i.e. uncolored. 


Sourcing content deals based on subscriber Insights

The iflix Wishlist

Unable to find a movie you want to watch in our database? We've got you covered. The iflix Wishlist is a an add-on that allows each subscriber to add any shows that he/she would like to watch that isn't available on iflix. By doing so, he/she  will be alerted when the show is put into iFlix’s content base.

Simply click on the 'Add to Wishlist' button and iflix will give you a notification each time a movie from your Wishlist is added into our content base! 

Time-Sensitive Content

Another idea I have in mind for iflix involves exploring creative strategies with its current partners- BBC, Warner Bros. International, and Twentieth Century Fox.

For instance, I understand that iflix does not feature time-sensitive content such as news or sports. However, I still think there are a number of content ideas that could revolve around news. BBC could, for instance, create short snippets of informational content around a particular news event. Take the MERS outbreak, for example. BBC could do a short content snippet that briefly describes how the outbreak began and what the status is as of a particular date. This could even be made more interactive by allowing people to follow a particular story as more content around it is created, etc.