Build your narrative around data. 

In today’s newsroom, there’s no easy to use tools for journalists to real-time create interactive visualizations that allow data driven storytelling. Traditionally, the content drives news stories, and visualizations are just a nice add on to the narrative. However, you will probably agree that there has been a faster shift in consumption of news stories than there has in the way journalists conduct them. Nowadays, newsreaders appreciate less content. Therefore, we believe that there’s a greater use for tools that curate the stories we are already telling, than tools that generate even more content. For this reason, we propose a new approach to narrating the news, focused on data-driven storytelling. The data set tells the story and short text snippets provide additional insight. Narrata doesn’t require more than uploading two spreadsheets of data through a customised uploader: one that focuses on the data while the other on the storytelling. In the toolkit, they can easily upload their dataset and link their narrative to certain data points. The data visualization changes as the reader scrolls through the article which essentially transform the reading experience.

Narrata was built with d3.js, Jquery, Bootstrap, Crossfilter, Google Maps, Parse.js, and Handsontable.js 


Healthy food by home chefs.

Singapore is a foodie’s paradise. From hawker centers to seven-star restaurants, the city-state is known for its delicacies. mamakan is a home-cooking program aimed at bringing foodies to the homes of mothers from low-income families. Through mamakan’s website service, guests from Singapore and other cities will be able to visit the home of a low-income family and share a meal with them. And, mamakan aims to promote economic empowerment by encouraging mothers from low-income families to use their cooking skills to earn an income. Over time, we are positive that these women will very soon be able to walk with pride and confidence in society.



Discover, join, and support projects that fix the Earth.

The Global Startup Youth is a 3 day action packed, high intensity, challenging yet fun filled, 'get stuff done' social entrepreneurship bootcamp. It harnesses the power of youth from 100+ countries, their cultural diversity, their domain expertise and their deep conversations about today's world problems to accelerate them into ventures, ready to be taken to market and scaled.

I was selected as one of 250 international participants (1 of 3 from Singapore) out of ±5000 applicants from all over the world, and conceptualised features in an international team of 10  for ‘EcoList’- A Crowd funded Web/Mobile platform for individuals to discover, plan and support Environmental causes (Pitched the venture to investors achieving 4th out of 12 teams in the “Environment” Category of the Competition).