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Section 1: Blogging

Post 1: Local Event Partnership

Celebrate SG50 with Uber, leh!

Singapore roars to life on National Day, as it remembers its colourful rise to independence and beyond. What better way to ring this day in than with Singapore’s National Day Parade! This year, Uber is helping take this famous parade to the next level.

Not sure how you’re going to get to and from the parade? Look no further! This National Day, Uber is teaming up with the NDP Organising Committee (www.ndp.org.sg) to give first time riders up to S$50 off their Uber rides!

You can catch a taxi to see the National Day Parade at Marina Bay or The Singapore Story exhibition at National Museum. Safe and reliable transport is our way of giving back to Singapore. 

Uber is a super safe and efficient way to get around 311 towns in 58 countries. Simply download our app below, key in the promo code and start celebrating SG50 with us.

Date: Aug 9, 2015

Venue: Padang and Surrounding areas

Promo code: UBER50

Not on Uber yet? We’ve got you covered. Sign up now to claim this discount.

    1.     We’ve got you an easy-peasy procedure to get you best rides in town.                 Visit the Uber Sign Up page and create your account.

    2.    Download the app onto your iPhone or Android phone

    3.    Boom! You’re ready to order your very first Uber! Are you excited?

    4.    Tell your friends. Remember you can also split your Uber fare with your              friends (perfect for sharing a night out)

To redeem your promotion code, gift card, or voucher, all you need to do is apply the code to your Uber account prior to taking your ride.

Using the Uber app for iPhone or Android:

    1.    Tap the “My Account” button in the top left of your Uber app

    2.    Tap “Promotions”

    3.    Enter your promo code: UBER50

    4.    Arrive at the NDP in style and ready to celebrate Singapore’s 50th                      birthday!

    5.    Order an Uber back for a safe journey home

Pro(mo)-tip: Request Early – Singapore’s National Day Parade is one of the largest national events, so our drivers will be in high demand. Make sure to request your Uber at least 15 minutes before you need a ride.

Any questions? Shoot us a mail at support@ubersg.com and we’ll get back to you!

(b)“ Hey there- thanks for your offer. We’re trying to offer a great experience to all our attendees, not just the ones that haven’t heard about Uber yet. Can you hook up the people that already have Uber as well? Otherwise, I don’t think we’re going to be able to partner with you." 

Hi, there! 

This is definitely a common concern and we’re glad you brought it up. Uber will be increasing the supply of its fleet on the road (private and taxi) by providing a higher commission for our drivers to cater to the increased demand we expect . To give you some context, the reason why we chose to prioritise new riders is to make sure we are offering a fair opportunity for people without the app to get into the event since there is a restriction on the number of people who can enter certain areas (aerial shows, etc).

After discussing with the team, we do want to work together to ensure that everyone can enjoy all the different . For this reason, we can open up certain events/areas  with a focus on existing users, but will need to monitor the ratio to make sure it is fair.

If you are on board, we can include a change in the promotions to open it up to twice as many people. From a logistics point of view, this would require nothing more from you. We'd just need to promote the change on your blog. 

Please let me know if this is possible. We are excited about the possibility of partnering with such a historic event! 


Vaishnavi Ramakrishnan

Marketing Manager, Uber Singapore

Post 2- On-Demand Stunt

Too hungover after ZoukOut? Say goodbye to groggy hangover mornings! Simply order a UberX on 11-12 December, 2015- It comes with an UberCure package that contains a packet of Nachos and Cheese (microwaveable), orange juice, and a bottle of water (plus, a sickness bag!) to help ease the hangover process! Applicable to both new and existing Uber users, this is your chance to experience a drinking night like no other, where your hangover is treated with care and love! Grab your UberX and and recover in style now!


  • UberX partnership with ZoukOut organising committee: confirm the duration of the promotion: time (from 12am - 6am on the 11 and 12 December) - pick up stops (only for close proximity to the event) 
  • Partnerships for hangover cure related supplies
  • IT logistic: program each UberX Hangover request with ‘ZoukedOut' promotion

Campaign Delivery: 

  • App pops up with notification starting 1 day before and throughout the promotion period  
  • Email to existing Uber users: 1 week before the event - second reminder to be sent out 1 day before the event - last reminder to be sent out on the first day of the event with the picture of the hungover cure package
  • Facebook 
  • Twitter
  • Uber blog

Post 3- Freestyle Idea

Let’s get this GSS more comfy for you! This Great Singapore Sale, Uber will be offering you credits with each GSS purchase that can be used for your rides! Look out for Uber credits  throughout the GSS shops this summer! The more you shop, the more Uber credits you get!

We at Uber want to help make your GSS even more awesome by helping you get the most bang for your buck. 

We know you want in. Here are the details: 

    1.     Sign up for Uber if you aren’t a member already!

    2.    Check out our Blogs page to see which shops/malls are participating in              the #UberGSS campaign.

    3.    Go crazy shopping! The more you shop, the more Uber credits you get!

    4.    Book a ride anytime with your #UberGSS credits! 

Tweet @Uber_SING and hashtag #UberGSS for your chance to win Uber credits! 

Section 2: Responding to customer emails

Section 3: #TwitterResponses


Section 4: Marketing

Want to enjoy the Night Festival but worried about late-night surcharges? UBER just became your Designated Driver – For two weekends every August, the Singapore Night Festival transforms the Bras Basah and Bugis heritage precinct into a midsummer’s celebration of sorts. This nocturnal extravaganza happens elsewhere around the city too, stretching all the way to CHIJMES and Raffles City on one side, and Plaza Singapura on the other.

Uber can help attendees from designated pitstops get home safely and stress-free by offering them S$15 off their ride home. This is clearly a group of people that have a fair amount of disposable income, and are likely to use Uber again if they have a good experience.

Buckle up and sit tight to this year’s Grand Prix Season, with a twist! Uber could offer a discount for people travelling to watch the Grand Prix Singapore. Typing in the code VROOMUBER gives riders a S$15 UberX credit.

Few other ideas: 

Let’s save Earth, One Ride at a Time. Uber Makes it Possible.  – Using Uber is great for the environment as it helps increase car sharing and reduce carbon emissions. Uber can partner with the EarthFest Singapore (http://earthfestsingapore.com/) to inspire and empower people to make a sustainable future possible through fun and positivity! During this festival, Uber could donate 10% from every ride to the rider’s environmental non-profit or project of choice. The rider can pick the charity when they receive their receipt on the app at the end of the ride!

When We’re Not Serving You, We’re Serving Those In Need – This event would generate positive press for Uber while also serving the community. Every beginning of the month, I volunteer at the Tembusu community where we aim to deliver food/ration to some of the poorest and senior-most citizens of Singapore. One of our biggest issues is managing logistics and transportation of these rations from Point A to Point B. Uber drivers could help deliver ration/food packages to these communities and make a significant difference to those in need!

Ditch the workout and ride in style to the party!
Uber is partnering up with FitnessFirst Singapore to bring you discounted Zumba classes and Uber rides. When you are ready to dance, use promo code "UBERZUMBA" to receive 15% off your Uber ride to the class. In addition, we will text you a discount code that can be used for one Zumba class. Want another work out? Enter to win 5 free Zumba classes by tweeting, "Feeling the beat with @Uber_SING and @FitnessFirstSG ! #UberZumba."


Section 5: Promotion Time!

A charity event has come to you and said they have a 1,000 person event and are willing to do a dedicated email to their attendees. Youʼve done events like this in the past and have the following historical data:

Which promo should we use and why?

I would choose Option 3 as it gives a year end profit of $1500.

While Option 1 gives you the least upfront loss, Uber generates the least profit throughout the rest of the year by going with this option.  On the flip side, Option 3 has the largest short-term loss and attracts the most amount of users, granting you the most amount of profit by years-end. With Uber being a service that people are likely to recommend to their friends (and also ride with them), you could assume with Option 3 that there will be even more riders accumulated from this promotion. 

As the conversion rate is the highest, this option would drive the highest number of new users. And, taking into consideration that the event is a charity event, offering the best promotion could translate to great PR and press, on various platforms.

Analysing each of the options: 

Option 1 = 1% of 1000 users = 10 users who redeem $10 off their trip when a average trip costs $20. Earning $200-$100=$100, margin of 25% = $25 to Uber. Translates to: 1000 eyeballs, 10 new users, 10 rides per year, 100 rides

Option 2 = 2% of 1000 users = 20 users who redeem $15 off their trip when a average trip costs $20. Earning $400 – $300 = $100. Margin of 25%= $25 to Uber, Translates to: 1000 eyeballs, 20 new users 10 rides per year, 200 rides

Option 3 – 5% of 1000 users = 50 users who redeem $20 off their trip when an average trip costs 20. Earning $400-$400= $0. Margin of 25%=0 to Uber, Translates to: 1000 eyeballs, 50 new users, 10 rides per year 500 rides

If we want to return a profit on each rider within 6 months, what is the max amount that we would give on a promo?

Any promo amount of more than $25 will result in zero profit/loss.

5 rides (6 Months Average) x $5 (Uber Profit / Ride) = $25 (Profit for 6 Months Per Customer)

How would you think about increasing conversion? [“promo conversion”?] 

  • Depending on the charity, an on demand stunt can be planned as an exclusive for the 1000 people attending. The email with the promo code can be made fun and interactive with a video about Uber.
  • If there is an after-party after the event, Uber can be promoted as a way to get home easily after a couple of drinks (safe way to drive home for all attendees)
  • There could be banners put up where people could scan a QR code for easy download and requesting a ride. This could be extended to other marketing collateral from the charity event (posters, online banners).
  • I would ask the charity event to offer something a little special for those who used the code ie. a welcome drink, meet and greet with organisers if it’s quite a high publicity event.
  • Increase exposure on media platforms, i.e another blog post, increase social media mentions, encourage users to spread the promo code on their accounts
  • Provide simple and easy sign up instructions on the email, send a follow up email to those who haven’t signed up with a little check to see if they had any trouble/need assistance/didn’t see the first mail

Youʼve noticed that average trips/signup has gone down. What could be causing this? 

  • Technical issues (Bugs, App Down, Heavy demand in certain locations)
  • With heavy competition from apps like GrabTaxi and Hailo, could they be receiving better deals elsewhere?
  • Has Uber been embroiled in any legal cases or something similar? Negative press can cause a drop in signups, as people tend to get fearful.
  • Has there been a decline in service/customer service quality?
  • Was the approach to marketing done as a one-off or a more elaborate step-by-step process? A one-off approach is insufficient as a number of people would forget about the promo towards the event. A more elaborate procedure where Uber checks in with those who haven’t signed up will be more efficient.

How do we increase this?

  • Better deals on longer rides should bring up the average trip numbers.
  • The marketing ideas listed in the previous post should help in improving this, as well!
  • Contact those who used the promo code and ask them how their experience was, aiming to improve on any negative feedback
  • Conduct research- Try to understand the metrics from the email open rates, marketing, bounces, clicks, and links. Make sure everyone is able to open the material on any type of device. If people are unable to open the promo material on their device the first time, they might forget about it later.