Access to Clean Water:

The iflix + Planet Water Project

In 2005, Danny and Pam Spitler made a small donation to drill a water well for a family in Cambodia. Eleven years later, Spitler School collaborated with iflix + Planet Water with the noble intentions of providing clean water for almost 800 students at Spitler School and their families. It has been an amazing journey from a little well to a large elementary school. Access to clean water continues to be a significant health problem especially in rural areas of Cambodia and I'm extremely grateful to have been a part of the pioneering group to have helped with this project. 


"Kids say the craziest things," we often think to ourselves.

Take a second and think about your childhood self. I remember as a kid I made up games to play, innovated new ways to cook using my imaginary kitchen set, and could make up imaginary friends like it was my job. Kids dream  islands made of chocolate, sands full of sugar, soap bars of brownies and showers of hot fudge.  As kids, we were allowed to create our own world and all of the people in it. 

But, somewhere from kindergarten to high school, we lose that imagination and are brought into the "real world". Over the years, I've spent quite a bit of time with children and youth in various orphanages and homes across Southeast Asia with the hope of encouraging them to always have the child-like sense of curiousity and imagination!